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Solar Charge Controller

Avail from us technologically advanced Solar Charge Controller that is offered at very affordable prices. Solar Charge Controller is used for monitoring of the battery. Solar Charge Controller ensures that the battery is charged properly and prevents discharging or overcharging. Our designers design these Solar Charge Controllers in a safety concern manner regulating the damaging risks that are involved. Also, our Solar Charge Controllers are tested well in advance following electronics and underlining process.

Range Available
  • l2V/3A to l2V/40A
  • 24V/40A
  • 48V/3A to 48V/40A

  • Microcontroller base with high speed & high performance. High efficient series PWM charging with temperature compensation
  • Nominal system voltage automatic recognition
  • Fuse provided to protect against short circuit condition
  • System inbuilt protection against battery overcharge and deep discharge condition
  • Suitable for sealed Gel batteries/ tubular lead acid batteries
  • Use MOSFET as electronic switch (Solid state switching) with out any mechanical switch.
  • In built blocking Diode provided to prevent reverse flow of current through the PV modules
  • Full protection against overloading, over charging, over discharging, over load and short circuit, reverse protection.
  • In built Dusk to Dawn Control function, optional
  • Mobile Charger USP port in Charge controller
  • Metal Sheet body with Powder coated

Battery Indicators
  • Green Led :
    • AT Charging â Blinking & AT Battery Full â Continuous Glow
    • IF Battery 85%â Continuous Glow & IF Battery 75%â Continuous Glow
  • Red Led :
    • AT Battery Low â Continuous Glow & AT Fuse Blown â Continuous Glow
    • AT Battery Reverse â Continuous Glow

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Specifications (For - l2V/3A to l2V/40A)

Description Model Model Model Model Model Model Model
Capacity l2V/ 6A l2V/ 10A l2V/ 12A l2V/ 15A l2V/ 24A l2V/ 36A l2V/ 40A
Inputfrom Module 22VDC 22VDC 22VDC 22VDC 30VDC 30VDC 30VDC
Max Current Input/Load 6.0A 10.OA l2.0A l5.0A 24.0A 36.0A 40.0A
Idle Current 8.0mA 8.0mA 8.0mA 8.0mA 10.OmA 10.OmA 10.OmA
Over Charge Cut-Off l3.8V l3.8V l3.8V l3.8V l3.8V l3.8V l3.8V
Low Voltage Disconnect 10.8V 10.8V 10.8V 10.8V 10.8V 10.8V 10.8V
Fuse 8A l2A l5A l8A 30A 40A 46A
Over all Dimension 150 x 105 x 40mm 150 x 105 x 40mm 150 x 105 x 40mm 150 x 105 x 40mm l82x x 152 x 92mm l82x x 152 x 92mm l82x x 152 x 92mm
Weight 400 gms 400 gms 400 gms 400 gms (app) 1000 gms (app) 1000 gms (app) 1000 gms (app)
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